EB5 Investments and Immigration Seminars Along with Private Consulting Sessions

American Dream is thrilled to announce its first EB5 Seminars in India. Whereas American Dream team has been extremely successful in conducting these seminars and processing thousands of EB5 visas from clients elsewhere in the world, particularly China, it is coming to India for the first time.

American Dream shall be holding three seminars in India, in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru in the first week of April, 2018. We will also be holding private and personal one on one meetings with those attendees who want to take it a step further and apply for the Green card under the EB5 provision.

A panel of experts including the US Congressman who reauthorized the EB5 legislation in 2012 will be addressing the seminar.

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Aaron Schock

U.S. Congressman 2009-2015,
Chief Sponsor EB-5 Reauthorization Law

Aaron Schock is one of the smartest men on this planet with wide range of experience in business, entrepreneurial activities and legislation. He is a strategic thinker and operator who has helped change regimes across the world as a US Congressman.

Former US Congressman Aaron Schock is an exceptionally gifted man who broke many records as the youngest person ever to accomplish the task. He began working during the fifth grade, doing database management as an independent contractor for a bookstore chain. He later bought event tickets for a licensed ticket broker, using six phone lines and thirteen credit cards, and investing his earnings in the stock market. When he was in the eighth grade, he began doing the accounting work for a gravel pit, a job he kept throughout his high school years. Schock started his own Individual Retirement Account at age 14. As a gifted young man, Schock completed all his high school graduation requirements when he was just a junior. He graduated from high school in 2000 and got his Bachelors of Science in just two years.

At the age of 27, Shock became the youngest member of Congress.

During his first year in Congress, Schock passed more legislation than any other Republican freshman. In 2010 he secured $40.7 million in funding for Illinois.

In 2012, Aaron Shock authored and championed the reauthorization of the EB5 visa Bill in Congress that passed by an overwhelming 90% majority. In March of 2013, Congressman Shock led a high level Congressional and Business delegation to visit Mr. Modi that helped end his diplomatic isolation from the world and eventually become the Prime Minister of India.

Since 2015, Mr. Schock has joined the private sector, is a big promoter of President Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda, bring capital and investments into the US, and has been leading the EB5 visa investment programs throughout the world.

There is no fee to attend the Seminar which is held in five star hotel and lunch is on American Dream

Pre Register for the Seminar here. Limited spots for one-on-one meeting.

Pre-registration requires following certification-

All Seminars participants are required to go through pre-screening before getting invited to the Seminar. One-on-One consulting sessions are available to select attendees. EB-5 is an investment program where foreign citizens who invest in the United States and create jobs for American workers can get a “Green Card“.

I certify that I have the means and willingness to invest in the EB5 program as specified


All you want to know about? EB-5 Immigrant Investment

An immigrant investor who invests $1 Million (or $500,000 in a target employment area) and creates 10 jobs for American workers can achieve permanent residency for themselves and/or their children under the age of 21.

A US Government approved Regional Center (RC) is a vehicle that has gone through a sort of preapproval process and makes it easy for the foreign citizen to invest and process all the necessary paperwork. American Dream has a number of RCs in operation.

American Dream takes on the responsibility of finding the suitable project, preparing all the necessary paperwork, managing the project and obtaining the Green cards. Whereas it is the requirement of the US Government that the investment should carry some risk, American Dream minimizes that risk by picking and managing the right projects. As stated earlier, American Dream team has had a 100% success rate in the past.

Foreign citizen’s responsibility is to provide accurate information about applicants and source of funds. Applicant pays a sum of $500,000 as investment plus administration fee and legal expenses.

At the end of 5 years you have the option to either get your principal back or remain invested. Once enrolled in the program, you become part of American Dream Family who will assist the applicants every step of the way including travel, lodging and college selection etc..

American Dream’s EB-5 system is the most reliable and cost effective program giving you the investor total peace of mind.

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